Thursday, September 20, 2012

Techsmith Snagit v11.0.1 Build 93 Final + Portable-2012


Techsmith Snagit v11.0.1 Build 93 Final + Portable (2012/Eng/Rus) | 205MB

Techsmith Snagit - The basic purpose of the program - removal of screenshots from the monitor screen, and SnagIt is able to do not only static graphic "pictures" of the selected area, but also, for example, record a video that's going on, and capture an image from applications that use Direct X, DirectDraw and Direct 3D
Built-in editor allows you to add annotations to the screenshot, description, something to emphasize, insert at neobhoimosti in the right place, for example, the arrow, etc. In addition, the program allows you to "pull" the text therefrom, whence it does not move with the Copy / Paste. From additional functions: support of work with scanners and digital cameras, as well as the possibility of automatic sending program made ??screenshots of the website. And lots of other little things: management hot keys, possibility to use presets, pulling icons and other graphics from EXE and DLL, removal of a screenshot from a web page that requires scrolling to view, and more

Techsmith Snagit Academic able to keep any type of files from web sites with the ability to specify the level of a sub-page, and is also able to record what is happening on the screen in video format AVI. Program SnagIt can capture on a schedule or at specified intervals, and also allows you to capture images without a mouse. Capture window with scroll bars Developers have implemented SnagIt invaluable function - capturing windows and screen objects with scrollbars

Let's say you need a picture of a window, the contents of which do not fit on the screen at all desire. What to do in such a situation? Just shoot it in parts and glue together the fragments in a graphics editor. And it offers SnagIt? It's very simple - select the source image needs to be a type of display object with scrolling, initialize the capture, scroll through the contents of a window or wait until the program do it yourself, and get ready image. Capture Text You can extract the text dialog box, which can not be copying or create a text list of files displayed in Explorer Windows

Automatic processing and saving images SnagIt can automatically process the captured screen with built-in filters that allow you to change the size and scale of the image, set the desired color depth, perform color correction, add frames, shadows, watermark, header, and the effects of cutting edges. The program also allows you to automatically send the processed image to the clipboard, the printer, the selected application, send it by e-mail or instant messaging software, as well as saved to a file specified format, and file name is based on customizable templates

Created profiles control the parameters of the capture, processing and output screen shots by using configuration profiles SnagIt. You can create different profiles for quick capture, or choose a profile with flyout SnagIt OneClick or main window. In most cases, SnagIt allows you to fully automate the process of preparation of screen shots - you just select the profile that contains the required parameters of the capture, processing and saving images, and capture an image or a desired object, the program will do the rest for you. Integrated bitmap editor SnagIt Editor -rich overlay text - the color, font, transparency, shadow volume. -processing - rotate, crop, zoom. , brushes, stamps, spray, pencil, lines, arrows, geometric shapes, pipette to capture color, figure the picture. -Over 50 levels of undo

Record-ready image to a file, copy to clipboard, send to print or e-mail. Integrated vector editor SnagIt Studio Adding explanations, comments, braces callouts and labels, stamps, arrows, icons, trunks, etc . on using the library of ready-made vector elements. Includes options for alignment, placement, resizing, rotation, shading, and other operations on objects. Built-in directory of images SnagIt Catalog Browser In addition to quick view can also be used for group and batch renaming / converting a file using the name templates and built-in filters SnagIt (resize , cropping, rotation, depth and color correction, add a frame, watermark, background, and so on). In addition, contains powerful tools to create web-galleries of images

Plugins SnagIt and embedded COM-Server Plug-ins for Internet Explorer and Firefox, as well as for the programs Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Microsoft Outlook, and Adobe FrameMaker provide quick and easy Capture and insert images directly into your applications. Built-in COM-server lets you manage the program SnagIt using Visual Basic Script and VB, as well as applications of Visual C
Does not require registration-registered serial number
 Four options to set (depending on the key): with language from Kastaneda (manual / automatic), the English interface-manual / automatic
 If next to the installer file is located settings.reg, the content is automatically integrated into the register-in the game Dummy