Saturday, August 25, 2012

Philips SENSEO Twist-آلة صنع القهوه


Philips SENSEO Twist uses innovative technology to create a more intuitive and personal coffee brewing experience. A smart touch panel integrated into the tray guides you through the process. Coffee strength and intensity can now be selected according to individual taste. The new strength setting offers the choice of Short Strong or Mild Long. A Personal Coffee Memory allows a specific strength to be programmed and remembered each time. To save time, the new Direct Start feature allows settings to be chosen while the water is boiling, once boiled the coffee is immediately poured into the cups. In addition the brewing cycle can be paused at any point in case of interruptions. After 15 minutes, the Twist will go into standby mode

Other main features of Philips SENSEO Twist coffee machine include
1or 2 cups of coffee in less than a minute
15minute auto shut-off for energy saving
adjustable spout to fit your favorite cup
decalcification indicator
unique touch panel for intuitive operation
freshly brewed coffee at the touch of a button
 unique SENSEO coffee brewing system for optimal taste
2strength settings: strong short or mild long coffee
personal coffee memory to remember the coffee you love
variety of coffee blends and flavors for different tastes
 empty tank indicator