Friday, August 17, 2012

Final-Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5


Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 Final | 52.6 MB

The distribution package installs the. NET Framework and associated files required to run applications developed to run in the runtime. NET Framework - a comprehensive and consistent programming model for building Microsoft applications, with an excellent user interface, transparent and secure means of communication, as well as the ability to create a variety of business processes. .NET Framework is a proprietary technology from Microsoft. However, after the conclusion of an agreement with Novell, Mono technology has been recognized as a realization. NET on Unix-like systems (GNU / Linux, Mac OS X). However, the agreement for Novell customers and Novell, as technology ASP. NET, ADO. NET and Windows. Forms have been standardized by ECMA / ISO and their use in Mono is threatened by claims from Microsoft (the claims are only possible in countries where software patents). Mono provides a realization of ASP. NET, ADO. NET and Windows. Forms, but at the same time encourages circumvent these API