Friday, January 27, 2012

Movavi Video Suite 10 SE


Movavi Video Suite 10 SE | 71.17 MB

Movavi Video Suite 10 - udobnyya tool for video files. Well if we talk more specifically what this tool is able to perform operations such as editing, conversion, video, new movies as easy and you can record your dvd drive. In the software package includes all the most useful tools for dvd and video processing.

Interface Movavi Video Suite 10 is divided in
to four tabs, each of which contains a complete set of tools for comfortable work with video, music, data or photographs. Built-in preset converter provides for many types of devices, so that you can not go wrong in any format video to overtake the Xbox 360, and in which, for example, phones Motorola. Movie Maker can do everything that should be able to such a program. A mediasplitter even easier, and can be useful if you want to share the video into several parts.
Directly into Movavi Video Suite 10, you ca
n capture video from webcam or sound from a microphone. Built a good tool for recording and copying CDs is a collection of utilities to prepare a slide show and publish content on the web.

Not without the support of 3D-video fashion. Most importantly, work with all of this is very simple. And to expedite the processing of any of the components of Movavi Video Suite can use the power of your graphics accelerator.

New features Movavi Video Suite 10:
1. New records speed!
2. The magic of 3D on your computer: watch movies in 2D-3D mode, and create three-dimensional video
3. Download YouTube videos and Facebook
4. Support for new file formats: MKV, WebM and OGV (for HTML5), SWF, and AVCHD
5. New profiles for mobile devices: the latest models
of tablet PCs and smart phones Android, Windows Phone 7, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and many more!
6. Ability to record video from screen laptop
7. Save to media Blu-ray